Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This past week, I was on a retreat in Biddeford Pool, Maine with 15 of my brother priests of NH. One afternoon as I had some free time, I was walking on the beach, looking down I was wondering what treasures I might find that would be washed in from the waves.

It reminded me of a joke I once heard:

A man finds a magic lamp while walking down the beach. He rubs the lamp and out pops a magic genie! The genie says, I’ll grant you three wishes BUT!!! There is a catch, whatever you wish for, three of your worst enemies will receive double. After thinking long and hard about his decision the man finally answers, “I’d like a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO.” “Done” says the genie and snaps his fingers. The man instantly feels the weight of the keys in his pocket.  “I’d like $500,000 tax free” says the man. “Done” says the genie, and the man reaches into his other pocket and finds a power ball ticket. Finally, the man takes a deep breath and wishes his third and final wish. “I wish to donate a kidney!”

If you ever found a magic lamp, or won the lottery, what would you wish for? What would you do with your fortune? I know I would try to buy back the old school next door for our religious education program and our other parish activities, I would also add on to the back of St. Rose of Lima Church for better handicapped parking and entryway, and of course; storage. I would also build a food pantry and housewares storage building on the Franconia property. Don’t get me wrong, I would also take a nice vacation somewhere.

Our Scripture readings this weekend talk about “Having a second chance and having it all. 

I shall live in the House of the Lord,
all the days of my life.

What is important to you?

What do you value the most?

How best do you convey to others what you think and feel that brings eternal value to your existence?

I know these questions are difficult for our younger parishioners, but I know you too simply want to make a difference!

We can’t make a difference by ourselves; we all need the Grace of God to see clearly.

I’m sure you have all heard of the story of the little fish in the sea searching for the ocean, and the adult fish stating “you’re in it”, and the little fish stating, “No this is just the sea, I’m looking for the ocean!”

People ask me all the time, “Where is the Kingdom of God?” I always, state: “Look around, it’s right in front of you!”

Readings for Sunday, October 11, 2020