Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

I went grocery shopping at Shaw’s on Saturday morning, and noticed a huge amount of turkeys for sale, and it reminded me of this joke written by Msgr. Charles Dollen: 

A new pastor, eager to make sure the church’s employees would like him, called them together shortly before Thanksgiving Day and told them that each of them would receive a turkey. 

“In fact,” he added, “as long as I’m around, you will always have a turkey.”

A short synopsis of our readings this weekend:

Lady Wisdom allows us to know that when we strive to do what is right in our lives, we will receive God’s blessings in our lives — things will take on meaning and produce abundantly.

St. Paul has an urgency about him, for he thinks Jesus’ return is going to happen really soon, so he is encouraging us to remain children of the light — always doing what is right and just, therefore being ready when the judge of the world arrives. We must persevere to do what is right!

The longer version of this Gospel gives us a challenge to interpret. Who would you say is the hero of Jesus’ story? Obviously not the 3rd man who simply buried his coin (talent) and gave back to his master when the master returned! In fact, this 3rd person is the hero! For he refused to take part in a corrupt enterprise!

With all the distractions we face each day, how easy it is to be swayed. Even though our choices in our past were not always the best, the road to grace and peace is always open to us.

As we ready ourselves to enter the season of Advent (in just two weeks!) open your heart and soul to the transforming power of the Eucharist in your life!

Readings for Sunday, November 15, 2020