Seventh Sunday of Easter

A little joke: 

The boss to one of his staff: “We’ve got a vacancy. Your twin brother could fill it.”

“My twin brother?”

“Yes. The one I saw at the football game yesterday while you were attending your uncle’s funeral.”

A couple of weeks ago, my challenge was for you to use the power of using Jesus’ name for the purpose of “Good.”  To actually say, “By the power of Jesus Christ’s name, I will keep you in my prayers!” When we think about Jesus’ name, we all know that it isn’t really Jesus Christ. It would probably be something like Jesus BarJoseph (Meaning:  Jesus the son of Joseph). So, in our minds and hearts we call him “Jesus, the Christ.” Christ means “The way, the truth, and the light.”

Can anyone remember the name of the apostle that betrayed Jesus? Yes, you’re correct, there was more than one.  Judas, who was seduced from the truth by the shiny objects of this world. And there was also Peter. Despite Peter’s 3-fold denial of Jesus, he becomes the “Rock” on which the Church is to be built. It is Peter that declares Jesus as the “Christ!”

This past week, not only did we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus, but we also celebrated the feast day of St. Matthias. Matthias became the Apostle that replaced Judas. We don’t know much about him, other than he traveled to a foreign land, and eventually was martyred for his faith. However, it is pretty safe to say that he took the words and works of Jesus to heart. When Peter spoke to the 120 listeners, the Holy Spirit empowered Matthias to come forward.  

As we approach the celebration of Pentecost, I encourage you to make a place in your heart to receive the Holy Spirit! To replace the Judas in our hearts, with that of a saint! This is the perfect time to get our spiritual houses in order. Like Matthias, when the Holy Spirit prompts us to come forward, don’t hold back!

Jesus’ mission was to allow all of us to know that even though we live in this world, we who accept him and his words, do not belong to this world. That not only those who witnessed Jesus and heard his words belong to his kingdom, but we too, belong to his kingdom.

Jesus wasn’t born to die. Jesus was born to show us how to live.

So, ask God for guidance, talk with him, praise him, and enjoy his friendship.

I will pray that your hearts will be opened and that you will receive the Holy Spirit with joy-filled hearts.

Readings for Sunday, May 16, 2021