Bob Phillips quoted by Martha Bolton:

An optimist who went hunting with a pessimist wanted to show off his new dog. After the first shot, he sent his dog to fetch a duck. The dog ran across the top of the water and brought back the game. The pessimist said nothing.  The dog retrieved the second and the third ducks in the same way — over the water. Still the pessimist did not react. Finally, the optimist could stand it no longer. 

Don’t you see anything unusual about my new dog?

he asked his companion. 

Yes — he can’t swim.

This celebration of Pentecost, 50 days after Easter, is the Birthday of our Church! The Holy Spirit is given to us!  What is his purpose? To draw us into the love of God. The Holy Spirit empowers us with special gifts to not only benefit ourselves, but all within the Kingdom of God. By using these gifts, we can accomplish the Will of God.  

Last year, due to coronavirus, I was given the honor by Bishop Libasci, to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.  As the candidate stated his or her saint’s name, I stated “Be sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” As I looked into the eyes of each candidate, I easily thought of the many Gifts that each individual had from my perspective. What a blessing, it was for me, to simply witness and celebrate!

This week, I challenge you to say to one of your family members, or to a friend, neighbor, or classmate: “I recognize that you have a special gift, a talent, a way about you that really must come from the Holy Spirit! God has truly blessed you, and as a result, us too!

Happy Pentecost everyone!

Happy Birthday!

Readings for Sunday, May 23, 2021